Choices Coordinated Care Solutions: Our Position Statement on Racial Equity

Choices is outraged like most of this country about the senseless killings of unarmed black men and women and the brutality and abuse we have seen on video over the years. We know that the hard work of dismantling racism embedded in institutions goes beyond a heated moment in history. Since slavery ended, no progress has been made without fighting for it. As a nonprofit, we will continue to do our part to undo policies, procedures, and behaviors that have disenfranchised black people and communities as well as other people of color.

For Choices, this is not lip-service. Before the murder of George Floyd, we have recognized the importance of pursuing racial equity. Each member of our staff has taken mandatory racial equity training, which includes learning what most of us did not learn in school about racist U.S. policies that deepened divisions and damaged the upward mobility of black and brown communities. Our latest 3-year strategic plan outlines a methodical approach for addressing racism in key areas, internally with our own employees and board of directors, and externally through our partnerships and community engagement.

We will do the uncomfortable work of assessing racial disparities as they exist within our organization, the partnerships and providers we choose, how we serve individuals and families, and other areas of operations. We will involve employees and outside consultants as needed to drive initiatives that further educate our staff and partners. We will also take action that is necessary to uplift people and communities of color. Those actions will include economic empowerment, services that are culturally competent, and advocating for anti-racist causes and governmental policies.

Racism is bigger than individual acts of cruelty, harassment, or disrespect. It is systemic. Individuals and families we work with are affected, limited, and damaged by systemic racism. We must make a change. Our vision at Choices is to create a diverse, inclusive, and equitable organization at all levels and create racially equitable opportunities for employees as well as partners, whether they be individuals, families, community members, or other organizations. We will sustain the daily effort to get out of our comfort zone and advocate for racial justice, while also staying accountable and tracking organizational progress.