Substance use recovery support in Southeastern Indiana

You are not alone. There is still hope.

It helps to hear from people who have gone through similar circumstances. Part of what makes our program special is that you have the one-on-one support of someone who is also in recovery.

Aaron Spaulding is a recovery support specialist for CERT. In this video, Aaron talks about his own journey toward long-term recovery.

View the Drug Free Wayne County Partnership interview with Cristina Young, a CERT recovery support specialist.

CERT is featured on WKM News

Amanda Sampson, a CERT recovery wrap facilitator, shares her personal story of recovery with WKM News.

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We help during crisis & non-crisis events

Our mission is to prevent deaths resulting from substance use. We are trained to stabilize crisis events, and we also provide recovery support when there is not a crisis.

We also share resources in your community that will help you on your path to recovery, such as:

  • Detox
  • Inpatient and outpatient care
  • Support groups
  • Medication-assisted treatment, and
  • Other services to support long-term recovery

How CERT works

Our team of specialists provide an initial assessment within 24 to 48 hours of a referral.

You choose your approach to recovery, and we will guide you toward resources that support your goals. For 60 days after the initial assessment, we work with you on the next steps toward recovery.

Benefits for participants

If you participate in CERT, you will:

  • Receive moral support from someone else in recovery.
  • Build life skills for long-term recovery.
  • Access resources specific to your needs.
  • Lead your own path to recovery, with the assistance of a supportive team.

Recovery Stories

Western Wayne News featured CERT staff as part of their “Scaling the Mountain” series about addiction.

Marissa Reeves and Cristina Young shared details about their lives and paths toward recovery from substance use. Click each image to read their stories.

Marissa Reeves
Marissa Reeves
Cristina Young
Cristina Young

Learn more about CERT

Stephanie Hartman

See the ABC News affiliate WRTV interview with Stephanie Hartman, clinical director for CERT. See more from WRTV coverage of CERT at this link.

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