Cross-System Coordination

Many of the youth served by Choices are involved with multiple state or county agencies, including child welfare, juvenile justice, substance use and mental health treatment, and education. Choices coordinates the care provided by each agency to ensure a comprehensive and cohesive plan of care.

Marcus: A strong advocate in his team and in his treatment

Sixteen-year-old Marcus came to Choices after several disruptions in placement. His child and family team, while finding a permanent home for Marcus, continued his equine therapy and other support services. Marcus ultimately was placed his aunt. His guardian ad litem and his mother’s attorney testified that Marcus was benefitting from his experience with Choices, and the results were making a difference. Based on their statements, the judge awarded increased visits for Marcus and his family. Marcus continues to live with his aunt, participates in band, and enjoys his new home. He also is a strong advocate in his team and in his treatment. His guardian ad litem, once a strong opponent of Choices, has been very vocal in court praising Choices’ work with Marcus, and now requests other youth enroll in Choices.

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