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Who We Serve

In Indiana, Choices receives referrals through the Department of Child Services (DCS), CMHI or CMHW access sites, and the juvenile probation system. Youth enrolled in Indiana Choices typically have a significant behavioral health diagnosis and are at risk of being placed in restrictive facilities away from their parents or caregivers, or are at risk of juvenile detention.

Find out more about the DCS Children’s Mental Health Initiative and the Children’s Mental Health Wraparound.

How We Work

Choices care coordinators are trained experts in community-based resources. They assist Family Case Managers, probation officers, teachers, and all team members to streamline services and supports with the goal of achieving permanency and decreased need on formal system-supports. Care coordinators assist Family Case Managers by:

  • accessing certain resources, such as mentoring;
  • expanded access to flexible funding for purchases, such as housing, utilities, and transportation, (flexible funding must be tied to treatment goals and approved by the team);
  • monitoring progress reports and outcomes on a monthly basis and sharing that information to all team members via the child and family team;
  • seeking safety, stability, and permanency for every child and family; and
  • increasing family driven care to ensure individualized treatment planning.

Provider Information

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