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Who We Serve

The youth we work with usually have complex behavioral health needs. They may express risky behavior, such as hurting themselves, skipping school, running away, or abusing drugs and alcohol.

Choices currently serves families who:

  • Live in Southern Mississippi;
  • Engage with multiple systems, such as Child Protection Services, juvenile justice, and mental health; and
  • Care for a youth or young adult (21 and under) who is at risk of placement in a psychiatric residential treatment facility.

Through a process called Wraparound, Choices connects youth and families with resources to help them thrive.

How We Work

Wraparound is a process that helps families improve their lives. Families are in the driver’s seat and lead decision making.

During Wraparound:

  • A Choices Wraparound Care Coordinator partners with a youth and their family. Together, they document the family’s strengths and vision for the future.
  • The family works with the care coordinator to build a team. The team includes supportive friends or family members as well as key service providers and agency representatives.
  • Choices helps the family choose from a diverse community partner and service provider network. Each family has the freedom to choose providers that best fit their culture and preferences. A family can also change a provider if needed.
  • The team works together to create a plan of care, and then they carry out the plan.
  • The care coordinator and the rest of the team connect the family with community support, so they can transition out of the formal Wraparound process and succeed long-term.

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