How to become a Choices provider

CMHI/W: If you are interested in becoming a Children’s Mental Health Initiative (CMHI) or Child Mental Health Wraparound (CMHW) provider in Indiana, watch the recorded informational session below.

Choices actively recruits providers that are unique and serve special populations. If you would like to become a Choices provider, follow the proposal requirements at the link below.

Our Provider Relations team will review your proposal and contact you with a decision or next steps. Acceptance is based on state requirements and Choices’ contractual requirements.

What it's like to be a Choices provider

Watch several providers speak about their positive experiences with Choices.

Partnering with Choices

Download the Choices Provider Handbook to better understand Choices and what to expect as a provider. Click below to see highlights about how things will work once you become a provider.

Provider Relations

The Provider Relations team acts as a liaison between our community partners and Choices staff. Overall, the Provider Relations team seeks new partnership opportunities, monitors contract compliance, and facilitates regular interaction with network providers.

Each provider within our network is assigned a Provider Relations Manager as their primary contact. The Provider Relations Manager will help answer routine questions or address any concerns.

Child and Family Teams

Choices helps youth and their families find lasting support within their own communities. Through a process called Wraparound, we connect them with the resources they need for long-term mental, physical, and behavioral health.

Service providers are crucial to the Wraparound process. Providers join Child and Family Teams in order to understand the youth and family’s story and help them put together a care plan that supports their goals. The team meets regularly to plan next steps, share progress and accomplishments, and prepare for a transition out of formal services.

To learn more about Wraparound and Child and Family Teams, read our Child and Family Team Workbook.

Monthly Reporting

Active providers are required to submit monthly reports that meet certain criteria, defined by Choices and our government partners.


Read the provider handbook or visit the Claims section of our website for more details about invoicing and receiving payment.