Provider billing information

When you join the Choices provider network as an active member, you will have the support of our Claims department.

Claims will train you on our online billing system called the Vendor Information Portal (VIP). This is where providers submit invoices in order to receive payment.

VIP help guide

If you just became a provider and need help walking through the portal, read through our help guide at the link below.

Claims: Frequently Asked Questions

Download our Claims FAQ document or click the questions below. More information is also available in the Provider Resources section.

When I try to login to the Vendor Information Portal (VIP), I receive the error message “Invalid Login.” What do I do?

Please select the link “Reset your password” from the VIP login screen. Then enter your User ID, user email address (this will be the same email address you registered in VIP when you first logged in), and the security code on the right hand of the screen. Once these steps are complete, you will receive an email with a link to reset your password.

I have received a denial. What is this for and how do I now receive payment for this item?

To see the detail of the denied item, open the invoice from the Invoice Menu screen. Then select the tab “Pending & Denied Services.” Select Denied under the Status column. You will then get a popup with the denial reason and comments. To get paid for a denied item, you will need to bill this item on a new invoice and follow the guidance from the denial reason and comments.

When will I receive payment for my invoice?

After submitting your invoice, you can find this information from the Invoice Menu. It is under the “Payment Due On” column.

My invoice was supposed to be paid several days ago. What do I do now?

Please contact for assistance.

I am not sure what rate I should bill.

Please refer to Exhibit D of your contract for information on your agency’s contracted service codes and rates.

I cannot find the client I am trying to bill for.

All billing in Choices is under the Choices client’s name. For example, if you have billing for the mother of a youth (the Choices client), the billing would be under the youth’s name.

If you need further assistance, reach out to the Care Coordinator/Wrap Facilitator, or contact your Claims Specialist.

How can I see what my agency can bill for?

Running the “Authorized Services/Interventions” report will give you this information. From the Invoice Menu, on the bottom left, select the month and year you would like to see. Then select the button “Print Authorized Services.” The next screen will give you the option to print this report. To print, select Print. To skip printing, select Cancel. On this report, you will see all the services your organization has been authorized for in the selected month.

What do I do if the authorization is not on the Authorized Services report?

You can reach out to the Care Coordinator directly or contact your Claims Specialist.

Why is the client name I need to bill for not in the dropdown box in VIP?

First, check to see if you are billing the correct service date. If that does not help, the authorization is either not entered or may be incorrect. You can reach out to the Care Coordinator directly or contact your Claims Specialist.

Need more help?

If you need help submitting a claim or accessing VIP, contact our Claims department.