A Trusted Network

At Choices, we partner with providers who are just as committed to strengthening families as we are. Our partners provide services from therapeutic treatment to mentoring. Partners also play an important role in our child and family team meetings. Together we all sit down with youth and families to build a plan of care that is family driven and built on strengths.

Community-Based Care

Choices gives families the freedom to drive their own care. By utilizing an extensive provider network, we offer community-based services and seek natural supports that are in tune with a youth’s specific needs and strengths. Because we don’t directly provide services, families are assured unbiased access to services that meet their needs.

Supporting Communities

At Choices, we believe reinvesting in the communities we serve is paramount to advancing systems of care. Our partnership with local providers does more than offer families a wide range of services. Our partnership allows us to reinvest funding dollars directly into community-based workers and businesses, including new and innovative services.

Provider Billing Information

Log into the Vendor Information Portal (VIP), Choices’ Online Billing System, by clicking here.

Upon joining Choices’ Provider Network you will receive a user ID for the VIP. If you need assistance accessing the Vendor Information Portal please contact the Claims Department.

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