A range of providers

to fit every family

Choices contracts with nearly 250 providers from outside our organization. Families truly have freedom of choice.

They can work with community partners who fit their culture, preferences, and strengths. They can also switch providers if needed.

A broad and diverse provider network

At Choices, we partner providers who are just as committed to strengthening families as we are. They are extremely diverse and vary in scale, interests, location, expertise, and cultural background.

Our partners provide more than 75 different services, ranging from therapeutic treatment to mentoring. Choices and our providers work together with youth and families to build a Plan of Care based on strengths and specific to each family’s needs.

Community-based care

Choices gives families the freedom to drive their own care within their own homes or communities — and outside of institutions.

Because we partner with providers outside of our organization, families are assured unbiased access to services that meet their needs. Our network also reinvests funding dollars directly into community-based workers and businesses, including new and innovative services.